A Passion for Fringe

Do you get all wide-eyed and excited at the ripple of dancing fringe? I have a passion for fringe from long and geometric to graceful and feathery to short and spiky. I don’t think there is a fringe that won’t catch my eye and make me grin. I think it might be the freedom of motion. Like dancing…

As a bead weaving artist I indulge in creating all of these fringes in many of works of art meant to be worn; wearable sculpture, that is probably reflective of my time as a ballerina.

One of my favorites, now part of a private collection, is “Hot Pink Fuzzy.” The name is descriptive. Imagine a soft fuzzy collar in hot pink.

Art Necklace Hot Pink Fuzzy

Hot Pink Fuzzy
©2000 Patricia C Vener

Another necklace that is a favorite uses a completely different technique of fringing. Deceptively simple straight lines up and down. These have so much potential! I can change the size, color, texture, finish of the beads; I can add loops and other dangling beads at the ends. The necklace I’m showing here is called “Volcano” and it is red and crystal and silver and dramatically stunning and it never fails to get “oohed” and “ahhed” over. It is also one of the first I made utilizing the varying length straight fringe.

"Volcano" Geometric Fringe Necklace by Patricia C Vener

Volcano ©2001 Patricia C Vener

What kind of fringes do you like? When do you like to wear fringed clothing or jewelry or do you simply wish you could?

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