7 Obstacles Creative People Overcome

Discarded Armature Concept for "Goddess with a Boa"

One of the concepts I started working before deciding the idea was not what I want “Goddess with a Boa.”

1. I thought I had more of that. White lined green beads in size 11/0. Translucent ab finished beads in a pale peach sort of color. These colors feature in the goddess and her boa so using them in what I think of as her frame (her situ?) seems a great way to tie the piece together, given that I want the sides and back to be in shades of purple. Unfortunately, I am almost out if these both. Simple solution: buy just a little bit more. Maybe 20 grams of each.

2. Ooooh shiny! Yes, we artists are easily distracted by new materials, new ideas, new tools, new (at least to us) almost anything. Right now, there are some intriguing new shapes of beads to be used for bead weaving. Some of these have multiple holes! While colors and finishes have long been variable, bead shapes were slow to have entirely new shapes designed. What a marvelous distraction! I am interested in trying a few of these, but I still have a lot to say (and many experiments to make) with the bead types I already use.

3. Ok, that’s a lot more tedious than I anticipated. No matter how much I love creating works of art, there’s still the cleaning up that has to be done. The worst? Tiny little seed beads that fall into the worn nap of the carpet in my studio. I go after them on a semi-regular basis. On my hands and knees. There is another method using a hand held vaccuum but that method kind of grosses me out.

4. Living in the now. True, this is often a good habit, but unless we also remember to plan, we are led to the trap of…

5. The deadline is when?! Some people claim that they work best when the deadline is close. Yeah, I have been one of them. I’m no longer convinced it’s true. I am finding that giving myself time results in better works of art (however one defines better).

6. Just five more minutes. Also known as sleep deprivation. Who hasn’t had to overcome this one? Either we’re on a roll and can’t stop working or modern living has screwed up our sleep habits. Either way, a tired brain will not be as creative as a well rested brain.

7. My work speaks for itself. A picture may be worth a thousand words but without some kind of sharing the message is going to get lost. And people always want to delve further into something that interests them. I do, don’t you?

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