4 Parts of a Painting

Painting from the point of view of a traveler on a meandering river; rocky slopes to either side and ahead.

Upriver on the Red Planet
©Patricia C Vener

After years of writing accompanying text for both paintings and jewelry, I have had the revelation that every piece of art can be written about from four different perspectives. These are Story, History, Inspiration, and Interpretation.

HistoryStory is the tale the artist hopes, thinks, believes, or wants the work to impart.

Interpretation is what the work actually says to any given observer including the artist!

The work I’m using to illustrate this post is actually formed not of any paint but using Prisma Pencils, high quality artists colored pencils, but the premise still holds. Clearly there was a process, probably some inspiration, it could tell a story – after all the piece seems to illustrates some activity. And it very clearly is open to both story-telling and interpretation. I can describe the work as being done in a limited color range depicting a gentle river which the observer seems to be on. Either side and ahead are rocky slopes that we shall need to meander past.

Of course this can easily be broadened if I explain my motivation, my process and offer up my own (possible) interpretations. Like everything else that tells a story, however, there is at least as much unsaid and stated outright. I leave it to you to add you story and / or comments below.

One Response to “4 Parts of a Painting”

  1. Barbara Says:

    This shows protection for the formation in the middle. Beautiful!